The time has finally come. Beyoncé is back! This time with her third solo effort, "I Am...Sasha Fierce", which hit stores Tuesday, November 18th (AKA XVIII). The album is a 2-disc set, with one side reveling more of Beyoncé's personal side, titled "I Am", and the other side, with more dance hits and up-tempos respectively titled "Sasha Fierce", relating to her alter ego.

On the album, you can find her two latest hits, "If I Were A Boy" & "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)". You will also find the epic "Halo" as well as the already-popular urban jam, "Diva". You can find really good ballads for the soul and also great dance tracks for the groove. Let's make it #1! Pictured above is both the standard and deluxe editions from Wal-Mart, which comes with 4 exclusive downloads from Soundcheck. Go get your copy NOW!



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